Camp Regeneration

July 4–8, 2016, in Glorieta, New Mexico

July 4–8, 2016

Camp Regen is coming to Glorieta, New Mexico in...

About Camp Regen

Camp Regeneration is the High School Summer Camp hosted by John MacArthur and Grace Community Church for high school ministries nationwide to join on the campus of Glorieta, New Mexico for powerful expository preaching, Christ-centered music, intense team games, various outdoor activities, small-group discipleship, and purposeful fellowship. Let us handle all of the camp details so you can focus on investing in your students!


The ultimate goal of Camp Regeneration is to see students come to salvation in Jesus Christ and grow in the knowledge of Him. We facilitate these by bringing in world-class expository preachers to share and explain God’s Word to those attending camp. These speakers break down the truths of Scripture in a way that is applicable to those in high school for what they are going through.

However, we believe that you do not have to sacrifice fun in order to have sound, biblical teaching. Just to make sure of that, we load up the week with intense team games designed to maximize fun throughout the week! This week will be epic and over-the top with energy; your students will not want to miss it.

Impactful, Biblical Preaching

Christ Exalting Music

Dynamic Group Interaction

Exhilarating Fun

Camp Schedule

Camp Regen's schedule consists of personal devotions, dynamic preaching sessions, dynamic small group interaction, intense team games, and epic night games.

Camp Location

This year's camp is at a beautiful mountainous escape in Glorieta, New Mexico, nestled in the foothills of the Southern Rockies.


John MacArthur

Austin Duncan

Josh Petras


Please note that registration is for church groups only, not individuals.

Give us a call at 818-909-5593 to register for 2016.

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